Garland & Barbara Beeks

For several years, Garland & Barbara Beeks have been making with their loving hands, from scratch, some of the most beautiful quilts we’ve ever seen. They have been donating them to Pheasant Heaven as one of the lynch pin auction items at our annual Calf Fry.


Barry Woods

National Wild Turkey Federation

Barry Wood, Director of Field Operations for the National Wild Turkey Federation for Kansas….as well as Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Utah, goes out of his way to make sure he is in a position to be a positive contributor to Pheasant Heaven.


Jerry Longhofer


It has become a tradition, and the sale of the rocking horses has been very good. This year there were two people in a bidding war for the prize possession and when it reached a point, the two agreed to paying the price each if Jerry would make another, which he gladly did!


Brent Betsworth


Four years ago Pheasant Heaven added to its growing list of fundraisers our Ringneck Open Golf Tournament. Since its inception, Brent has been on the planning and implementation committee, and has been the tournament chairman. He works very hard to have the course in immaculate shape, announces the rules and introduces any special guests. He is the first at the course in the morning, and among the last to leave after the players are gone and the flights and winners have been determined. 


Pheasant Heaven Benevolent Committee


This committee has been charged with the very difficult tasks of vetting needs, hearing and reading some of the most heart wrenching, real life tragedies, deciding who gets monies and who doesn’t, what is a real need and what is a want. I know how some of these situations affect these committee members, and it can be very emotionally challenging. Members of the 2013 Benevolent Committee are Tammy Slocum, Laurie Hull, Theresa Gerrond, Martin Daharsh, Gina Cash, Wayne Harrison, Cheryl Cox, C.W. Harper, Debi Peterson and Stu Moore. 

At Pheasant Heaven Charities, our goal is simple. We assist individuals with catastrophic medical needs and benefit other organizations throughout our region. We also help further education by awarding dozens of scholarships every year to residents throughout Southwest Kansas and the Oklahoma Panhandle. Formed in 2004 and based in Hugoton, Kansas, PHCI has raised over $3,000,000 thanks to continued support from the communties we serve and our Pheasant Heaven Partners.